Inmesco Group – Baku, Azerbaijan

We have combined our over ten-year experience and knowledge in the sector of electro­ mechanic under the name of lnmesco Group. We – thanks to the dynamism, we have and the power, we get from you – we keep working with the principle of living together in order to create new values and share them together.

As lnmesco Group, we perform reliable and innovative engineering solutions according to lnternational Quality Standards and give electro-mechanic service for the projects which require from every angle comprehensive and specialist Expertise. Every step, that was taken by us bases on the respect to the people and nature.

We believe in the importance of adding value to the society and our jointventures.
We target to be the fırst preferred electro-mechanic company as giving the best service and play a key role as cooperating with the material acquisition companies based upon mutual reliance and gain for sustainable relations. We purpose the sustainability in our projects with productive risk and cost management.