Inmesco Group – Baku, Azerbaijan

• Complies with all current laws and regulations and implements the programs and procedures thatwould ensure this to be the case.
• Aims to accept legal requirements as the minimum level to be met and exceed them when identifying the quality standards with respectto environment, health and occupational safety.
• Minimizes risks by creating safe work environments for its staff utilizing cutting-edge technology.
• Prepares disaster management and improvement plans in orderto be ready in urgent cases.
• Minimizes the amount and the danger of the waste produced by taking necessary measures in order to prevent disposing hazardous materials in nature for the protection of the environment and the people.
• Utilizes opportunities to continuously improve environmental, health and occupational health policies.
• lnforms staff, suppliers, customers and investor partners about developments, asks for their contribution to the achievementof objectives and supports them to achieve their own objectives.
• Measures and improves performance and shares itwith business and investor partners.